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The Carhall general store

Whether you want to rep House Ravenstrike, the fearsome Dumnorix clan, or are more of a fan of the Taliath swords in The Mage Chronicles, we’ve got you covered.

Sweatshirts, hoodies, mugs, pins are also available in these designs.

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Get your own framed print of the maps of Lisa’s worlds; from the worlds of the Twin Thrones, Dunidaen, and Tregaya.

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Signed bookplates

Want your own personally signed bookplate? These stickers contain Lisa’s authentic signature, and can be placed inside your paperback book. There are three different options to choose from.

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Petro’s kahvi

Ever fancied a visit to Petro’s cafe in Dock City to sample the kahvi that Talyn loves so much? This is the next best thing!

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