Lisa Cassidy’s writing style is beautiful. She has this wonderful way with words that draws you in and keeps you hooked on every sentence. The world-building is amazing.

The Mage Chronicles

A splintering peace. Disappearing mages. A young noblewoman who could save them all.

If you love lots of magic, unlikely friends, sinister villains and epic battles, you'll love this epic young adult fantasy series.

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Heir to the Darkmage

Ambition drives her. Danger thrills her. But magic always has a price.

If you love grey heroines, shadowy monsters, and creeping about in the dark, you'll love this series.

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A Tale of Stars and Shadow

A broken warrior searching for redemption.
A criminal who haunts the darkest shadows.
A rising darkness that threatens to consume them both…

If you love epic fantasy with a strong female lead, cool magic, political intrigue, and a motley crew of characters, you’ll love this series.

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