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Lisa sends out a newsletter – The Dock City Chronicle – once a month. Sign up, and you’ll get some great free stuff, including two novellas: A Tale of Two Callanan (from the world of A Tale of Stars and Shadow) and A World at War (from the world of The Mage Chronicles). You’ll also be kept up to date with details on Lisa’s upcoming books, get the occasional spoiler, advance peeks at covers, and invites to all her events.

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Book quizzes

Are you curious as to which character YOU would be be from The Mage Chronicles Universe? Or maybe you’ve always wondered whay kind of warrior you’d be if you lived in the world of A Tale of Stars and Shadow?

Take the quizzes below to find out…

Which Mage Chronicles Character Are You?

What Kind of Warrior Would You Be?

Lisa’s Street Team

Lisa established an advance reader team for her A Tale of Stars and Shadow series back in 2019, and loved them all so much she’s kept her team until this day!

Nicknamed ‘the Wolves’, Lisa’s team are currently working on her latest The Inkweaver Archive series. Plus they have a cool Facebook group and everything. Lisa’s always on the lookout for new Wolves, so click below to find out more.

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