A Tale of Stars and Shadow

A broken warrior. A shadowy criminal. A partnership that could ignite a revolution.

A born warrior, Talyn Dynan was the finest fighter of her generation. But after a combat mission goes tragically wrong, she is left broken and wracked with guilt. Sent on a dangerous assignment to the mysterious kingdom of Mithranar, she must contend with the ruthless political games of the royal court while secretly hunting a criminal who is key to a much greater mystery. A single mistake could mean her death.

The Shadowhawk thrives in the darkest of nights. Desperate to help the oppressed human folk of Mithranar, he haunts the streets, stealing from those who have the most. The arrival of a foreign warrior brings him closer than ever before to being unmasked and executed. But is she truly his enemy, or an unwitting pawn in a game being played by the powerful ruling Acondor family?Meanwhile, unbeknownst to either, a murderous foe stalks the dark corners of Mithranar. One that answers to a single purposeā€¦