A Tale of Stars and Shadow

Burn bright and true

A broken warrior searching for redemption.
A criminal who haunts the darkest shadows.
A rising darkness that threatens to consume them both…

A born warrior, Talyn Dynan was the finest fighter of her generation. But after a combat mission goes tragically wrong, she is left broken and wracked with guilt. Sent on a dangerous assignment to the mysterious kingdom of Mithranar, she must contend with the ruthless political games of the royal court while secretly hunting a criminal who is key to a much greater mystery. A single mistake could mean her death.

The Shadowhawk thrives in the darkest of nights. Desperate to help the oppressed human folk of Mithranar, he haunts the streets, stealing from those who have the most. The arrival of a foreign warrior brings him closer than ever before to being unmasked and executed. But is she truly his enemy, or an unwitting pawn in a game being played by the powerful ruling Acondor family?Meanwhile, unbeknownst to either, a murderous foe stalks the dark corners of Mithranar. One that answers to a single purpose…

April 12, 2021

Glad I stumbled upon this book. It’s a good read, a little slow and by that I mean I didn’t really see what the problem was but it’s building and coming together.

April 7, 2021

It's been a while since I found books that took me by the neck and wouldn't let go. Complex characters, strong people all around. I'd love to have a drink with this lot if they were real people. It's the series I needed to read during these tough times. Thought provoking and brought me hope. I enjoyed these books so much I didn't mind the occasional miraculous rescue. 😉 Looking forward to reading more of this author's work.

Mo McIlree
March 5, 2021

The summary here is quite honestly very lackluster and I read it several times and passed while browsing on KU. Finally desperate for something new to read, I read it. Hoooly heck, what a ride. You know a book has me in its clutches when I finish it and continue to dwell on it. This is one of those books. Great start to a series. Extremely slow burn, which I love, so if you're looking for strong romantic attraction in the first book, move along.

P Johnson
February 3, 2021

Lisa Cassidy knows how to fill out her characters gradually so that the reader keeps learning what makes everyone tick as the story evolves. Action, loyalty and intrigue are a constant in5is coming of age story that has nothing to do with age...maybe coming of self is a better term. I love what the author is accomplishing.

avid reader
January 18, 2021

I am immediately. Immediately. Reading the next book in this series. Strong kick-ass heroine? Check. Unique world building? Check. Now if I don’t get a little romance soon I may have some complaints, but I’m all for a slow build that actually makes sense to the characters.

January 5, 2021

I’m not sure how this book landed in my suggested titles, but I am so glad it did. Stories of adventure, strategy, love, friendship, and unjust social structure weave a tale that held my interest throughout. Appropriate for both adults and teenagers, this author did an amazing job.

Sarah A.
January 2, 2021

I came across this book, and this author, by accident. I’m so unbelievably glad I did. This series is impeccable — and has made me fall in love with reading again. Magic. Royalty. War. Loss. Love. Honor. Independence. Loyalty. These themes are all woven into a story so well-written by a writer who has a true gift for world-building. IMHO, Lisa Cassidy surpasses even Tolkien and Rowling.

R. Holtrop
October 4, 2020

Slow rich world building and solid character development lead well into tense action and intrigue as the pace accelerates. I very much enjoyed the story and after tearing through it today, have the next in the series downloaded to my kindle.

Stan hopkins
September 5, 2020

This was a very well written book. The intrigue with which Talyn had to deal with her shortcomings and the way she faced having to deal with those fears. I liked the way this book took two different races and worked to bring them together through Talyn. I loved the surprise of the ending in this book.